Helsinki Region Infoshare

The Helsinki Region Infoshare project aims to make regional information quickly and easily accessible to all. It is powered by CKAN and WordPress, using CKAN for the core functionality and data catalog and WordPress for the CMS (e.g. News blog). The English version of the site is currently quite basic, however the native Finnish site has almost 900 datasets!

The aim of the site is to provide data that may be used by citizens, businesses, universities, academies, research facilities or municipal administration. The data on offer is ready to be used freely at no cost. The data published during the project is mainly statistical, giving a comprehensive and diverse outlook on different urban phenomena, such as living conditions, economics and well-being, employment and transport. A good proportion of the data material offered by the project is GIS based.

The project includes building a web service for fast and easy access to open data sources. Users can download information and use it in decision-making, utilise it in their applications, or develop entirely new services based on the information, to name just a few examples. Behind the project is the vision that making public data readily available to all increases the residents’ knowledge and insight into their region. This in turn improves the civic activity abilities of the public. Open access to information can also lead to new services and businesses in the area, and it may also advance research and development.